What Factors Could Be Keeping Your Aging Adult from Eating as Well as She Should?

When your elderly family member isn't eating properly, she's not getting the nutrition that she needs in order to stay healthy. Figuring out what is causing her to eat poorly can help you fix the problem. Meals Are Too Large. As your aging adult's activity decreases, her appetite will also decrease. This might have the effect of your senior turning down meals entirely or eating so little that she's just not getting enough nutrients from what she is eating. Serving smaller, more frequent ... Read more

Liver Failure and Seniors – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Senior Care in Wilmette IL Liver failure develops when most of the liver becomes damaged beyond repair, causing this organ to be unable to function. Without understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatments of this medical condition, your elderly loved one’s life could be at risk. Liver failure usually occurs after years of damage, but can occur rapidly in rare cases. This condition can be extremely difficult to detect right away, especially for those older adults who live alone. To ensure that your loved ... Read more

Senior Care Tips: Getting a Fresh Emotional Start by De-Cluttering Your Parents’ House

Senior Care in Wilmette IL It is the beginning of the year and that means you have a fresh start ahead of you. The new year is filled with opportunity and is the perfect time for you to make changes in your senior care journey with your aging loved ones that will boost the benefits of the care, improve the mental and emotional health of everyone involved in the care journey, and make the most of all of the possibilities that lay ... Read more

Psoriasis in Seniors

Senior Care in Wilmette IL Psoriasis is a chronic disease that develops when the immune system sends false signals telling skin cells to grow at a rapid pace, often in just days instead of weeks. According to the National Federation of Psoriasis Association, nearly 3 percent of the world's population has psoriasis, which may cause painful, bleeding cracks in the skin and embarrassment over their noticeable shedding skin. Psoriasis is defined as a common, relapsing inflammatory disorder that primarily involves the skin. While predominately ... Read more

How Seniors can Avoid Scams

Senior Care in Wilmette IL Many seniors are unaware of the dangers of scams. There are so many different scams out there and in order for seniors to avoid them, they will have to educate themselves. In some cases, a senior may be able to take advantage of courses that are put together by local community centers that outline scams and how to prevent them. This would also be a fun project to research with an elder care provider. The following are some helpful tips on how ... Read more
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