What You Should Know About National Osteoporosis Month

May is National Osteoporosis Month. This is the ideal time for you as a family caregiver to learn more about this potentially life-changing condition so that you can help your loved one to reduce the risk that they will develop it, or give them the type of care that they need to handle it properly if it does arise as they age in place. Some things that you should know about osteoporosis include: Osteoporosis causes nearly 9 million fractures throughout the world ... Read more

Home Care is Bringing Comfort and Joy to Millions of Seniors

Home Care in Highland Park IL It may be difficult for people who are struggling to take care of themselves in a healthy and safe manner to find any kind of comfort and joy in life. After all, once people lose the ability to take care of themselves, bathe on their own, or even get out of bed without assistance, how much joy could there possibly be?  With the right type of home care, quality of life can significantly improve for just ... Read more