Could Your Elderly Parent be Suffering from Malnutrition?

Awareness and education are two of the most important tools that you can use as a family caregiver to ensure that you are giving your elderly parent the highest quality care possible and helping them to live the quality of life that they deserve. By being aware of the risks that they might face and recognizing them, you can make meaningful changes to your care routine to address those risks and protect your parent from the potential consequences of them. September 18 ... Read more

How Can You Help Prevent Your Senior from Wandering?

Home Care in Glenview IL More than 5 million adults throughout the United States are currently living with Alzheimer's disease. Of these, 3 out of every 5 will develop wandering tendencies. One of the most common behaviors of the disease, wandering tendencies can be frightening for you and dangerous for your aging parent. This type of behavior can be caused by a variety of influences, including the desire to meet unmet needs such as hunger or needing to use the restroom, wanting ... Read more

Home Care Tips: Simple Ways to Conserve Water

Home Care in Glenview IL Keeping an eye on your elderly loved ones' budget is an important part of your home care efforts with them, and one of the most effective ways that you can trim down their monthly costs while also giving them the emotional boost of knowing that they are doing something to benefit the environment and protect the world for future generations is conserving water. Having consistent and reliable access to clean water is something that many people take ... Read more