Can Your Aging Adult Experience Memory Loss Due to Her Health?

When your elderly family member starts experiencing memory loss, she might chalk it up to aging or even to dementia, but that's not always the culprit. The truth is that there are a variety of situations that can steal your senior's memory. And the good news is that some of these issues are reversible, which can return her memory to her. Brain Injuries or Infections. Whether your aging family member falls and hits her head or has a tumor or infection in her ... Read more

Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

Home Care in Evanston IL When most people think of Alzheimer’s disease, they probably think of an elderly person with memory problems. This disease is much more complex than that. As it progresses, the elder will lose the ability to verbally communicate and may even become confused and disoriented in familiar locations. If your loved one does have Alzheimer’s disease, they can still live a somewhat independent life with the help of a home care provider. Yet, knowing about the various stages ... Read more

National Mani-Pedi Day

Home Care in Evanston IL Being on a home care journey with your elderly parent is a wonderful opportunity for you to spend extra quality time together. The time that you spend caring for her and fulfilling her needs helps to strengthen your relationship, enhance your bond, and create memories that you will cherish well after this care relationship comes to an end. While you likely have a routine when it comes to the care that you give your parent, occasionally shaking ... Read more

Learn More About In-Home Companion Services for Seniors

Home Care in Evanston IL When elders are faced with making a decision about home care, the best way to make a decision is by researching home care agencies.  It’s extremely important to do your due diligence before hiring a provider to come into your loved ones’ home. Obtain full information on agency licensing and liability insurance coverage before signing agreement. Why Home Care Services? The integrity of home care companionship is essential to the delivery of quality service. Comprehensive home care services for ... Read more