How to Navigate Air Travel with an Elderly Parent

Wondering how to fly your elderly parent to a wedding, reunion or vacation? Of course, air travel is the way to go but you may feel like it would be too much hassle to fly with an elderly person. The truth is that while air travel with your elderly parent will take some planning and extra effort, there’s no reason to avoid it. Air travel brings up some unique challenges in elderly care, but with these tips, you’ll be able to ... Read more

Assessing the Emergency Preparedness Needs for a Senior with Disabilities

Emergency preparedness is something that everyone should think about. Disasters and weather emergencies can occur very suddenly and with little to no warning, putting you in a dangerous situation that can put your health, safety, and even life at risk. By being as prepared as possible for such events, you can reduce these risks and make it easier to get through the situation as safely, healthily, and comfortably as possible. As a family caregiver you are not just thinking about your ... Read more

Elderly Care Fun: Creating an At-Home Beach Vacation to Welcome Warmer Weather

Elderly Care in Highland Park IL As the warmer weather of spring and summer come, thoughts turn to fun vacations and leisurely days relaxing in the sun. If you live far away from the beach, your aging loved ones have cognitive or physical limitations that do not allow them to travel, or you just want to enjoy the relaxation and luxury of a beach without making the time and financial investment of actually traveling, creating your own beach vacation is a fun ... Read more