Is My Elderly Parent Overstressed?

From your busy perspective, you may believe that your elderly mom or dad is living a stress-free life. After all, they are retired and don’t encounter many of the challenges that younger adults face. However, elderly adults come face to face with new challenges that can trigger stress. Because April is Stress Awareness Month, it’s a fine time for you to take a closer look at common causes of senior stress, how stress affects an elderly person’s health and how you ... Read more

How Elderly Adults can Celebrate Their Dogs During National Dog Week

Elderly Care in Evanston IL National Dog Week begins September 18th and is the perfect time to show our pooches some love. Whether your elderly parent has a pup of their own or they spend time with family member’s or friend’s dogs, this week will give your loved one the opportunity to show the k9 in their life just how valued they are. Some older adults may require some assistance with some of these celebration ideas, so consider getting additional help from a ... Read more

Combatting Dry Mouth in the Elderly

Elderly Care in Evanston IL When it comes to elder care, combatting dry mouth can be a challenge. Dry mouth can cause serious tooth decay and is a common problem in the elderly. Though common, it should not be considered just a normal part of aging. As your loved one ages, the amount of medication, prescribed and over-the-counter, increases. Dry mouth is often caused by side effects to these medications. Dry mouth is often a side effect of prescribed medication for medical conditions ... Read more