Worried About Senior Eating Habits? Hire an Elder Care Aide

When seniors don’t eat adequate amounts of healthy food, they can become malnourished or dehydrated. When elderly adults are malnourished or dehydrated, their health can decline, and they may be more susceptible to illness and diseases. You must do everything you can to make sure your aging relative is eating properly. If that is a challenge for you to do, consider hiring an elder care assistant to lend a hand. Why Is It So Hard for Elderly Adults to Eat Properly? There are ... Read more

Why Your Elderly Parent Holds on to Everything

Elder Care in Highland Park IL Hoarding is a serious problem that can happen to people of all ages, but is the most common in older adults. You may have noticed that your elderly loved ones holding on to magazines and newspapers from several decades ago, broken dishes, and other miscellaneous items that may seem like junk to us. Before you get the urge to throw away the senior's stuff, think about their reason behind holding on to it. Once you know ... Read more

Elder Care Fun: Selecting a Live Christmas Tree

Elder Care in Highland Park IL For many families, the tree is the centerpiece of their Christmas celebration. Much more than just a symbol or a place to stash the presents under, the Christmas tree is where families can display the ornaments that mean so much to them, the center on which the joy of decorating together focuses, and a connection with generations past. If your family is like this, part of your seasonal elder care journey this year might be helping ... Read more