How Can You Help a Bedridden Senior with Caring for Her Skin and Body?

When an elderly family member becomes bedridden, there are special concerns and considerations that you need to keep in mind. Her skin and muscles are especially vulnerable now and require additional care for the best results possible. Your elderly family member's doctor and home care providers can all help you to care for her at this more difficult stage. Moving Her Can Help. In most cases, circulation and pressure on the body are the two biggest issues that can create skin problems for ... Read more

Dementia and Home Safety

Elder Care in Deerfield IL The various stages of dementia bring with them mounting safety issues as the disease progresses. In the beginning stage, your loved one may require little assistance or changes in their environment in order to secure their safety. As the disease progresses, certain steps will need to be taken in order to maintain that same level of safety. What Changes Make Safety an Issue Loss of short-term memory leads to several safety issues. Your parent may forget how to ... Read more

Is Your Parent Involved in Your Elder Care Decisions?

Elder Care in Deerfield IL Taking the step to become your parent's primary caregiver is not making the choice to take over her life. You are not telling her that you are now the one in control or that she has lost her independence and autonomy because of her needs. Instead, being on an elder care journey with your parent should be about working with her to acknowledge her needs and address them in ways that are appropriate for her. This means ... Read more