Find Out If You Are Showing Signs of Caregiver Stress

5 Signs You May be Overwhelmed as a Caregiver near Des Plaines, IL Stress may very well be a part of everyday living, but it doesn’t have to control your life. That’s true whether you are working for a major company or you’re a caregiver working with an elderly individual. The first and arguably most important aspect of taking care of yourself as a caregiver is recognizing the potential signs of stress before they become a major problem. Here are 5 signs that ... Read more

Congratulations Mame on becoming Employee of the Month!!!

        Mame is one of our cherished companions at the James Lovell Federal Health Care Center in North Chicago.  She provides excellent service for our veterans and always does so with a smile on her face.   Thank you Mame for all that you do!           Read more

Is Your Senior Parent Showing Signs of Simply Aging, or Something More? Here are Some Warning Signs of Memory Loss.

Elder Care near Glenview, IL – Analyzing the Effects of Memory Loss There should be little to no surprise that as we age, we may start to forget things. Even in younger years, appointments, car keys, and credit cards are left in innocuous places. Usually, there is a large gap between being absent minded at times, or even forgetting things because of our age, to showing early signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s. If your senior parent has begun to forget things – ... Read more

Learn How A Child May be Affected if Mom is playing the role of a Caregiver to her parents.

Home Care near Glenview, IL – Are You Feeling the Pinch of The Sandwich Generation? Do you belong to the sandwich generation? Are you a person who is taking care of your elderly parents and also raising your children at the same time? Do you find it a big struggle to take care of your older parents and to parent your kids? Well, this article will help you learn the task of managing both your elderly parents and your children. How Children Are ... Read more

Do You Know What Benefits Occupational Therapist Provide? Find Out.

What is Occupational Therapy, and How Can it Improve Senior Care near Evanston, IL?  Many people commonly confuse occupational therapy with physical therapy. There are many differences between the two and it’s important to understand these, especially for somebody who requires some type a senior care. Senior health care services could include visiting nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, home care aides, and much more, depending on the patient’s requirements and health. For example, a person returning home from a stay at ... Read more
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