Why Do Seniors Not Get Enough Nutrition?

Experts estimate that 9 percent of elderly adults, nearly 6 million seniors, live with chronic food insecurity. Even more deal with other forms of inadequate nutrition or problems related to not eating the balanced diet that their body needs to thrive. As a family caregiver it is important that you recognize the challenges that your senior might have and help them to overcome them so that they can get proper nutrition and maintain their highest quality of life as they age ... Read more

Tips for Communicating with a Parent with Dementia

Your loved one may be at various stages in their journey through aging and dementia. You may have noticed their increasing irritability, loss of memory or restlessness. Everyone is affected differently. It’s important to remember that your parent is not their personality; they are being affected by a disease that is destroying brain cells and tissue, resulting in their changing personality. Learning how to communicate with your loved one that is facing this disease helps both of you maintain a loving ... Read more

Assessing the Emergency Preparedness Needs for a Senior with Disabilities

Emergency preparedness is something that everyone should think about. Disasters and weather emergencies can occur very suddenly and with little to no warning, putting you in a dangerous situation that can put your health, safety, and even life at risk. By being as prepared as possible for such events, you can reduce these risks and make it easier to get through the situation as safely, healthily, and comfortably as possible. As a family caregiver you are not just thinking about your ... Read more

Is Your Parent at Risk for Congestive Heart Failure?

Home Care in Lake Forest IL According to the American Heart Association, 1 in 5 people throughout the United States will develop congestive heart failure at some point in their life. Current statistics say that there are approximately 5.7 million people in the nation living with the condition, and more than 10 percent of all deaths will have congestive heart failure as a contributing factor. As a family caregiver it is important that you understand the particular risk that your senior is facing ... Read more

What Are Hospital Readmission Rates and How Can You Help Dad Avoid Them?

Elder Care in Skokie IL Few people have ever been exposed to the term ‘hospital readmission rate.’ That’s not a big deal, but is it really all that important? Yes, it can be. In fact, if a person has heard about hospital readmissions but doesn’t do anything to improve the chances they make a full and healthy recovery, they could become another statistic. The federal government has been placing more and more pressure on hospitals across the country to reduce their readmission rates. ... Read more
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