How Can the Elderly Benefit from Massage?

Aches, pains, stress, and illness are all things that seniors often encounter as they age. While traditional medicine can help with many of these problems, there are other options available that can further improve quality of life for older adults. One of those things is massage therapy. Massage is Different for the Elderly If you picture a comedic scene from a movie in which a massage therapist delivers a nearly brutal massage, you’re probably not alone. However, massage therapists who are trained to ... Read more

Tips to Lower Stress Caused by Doctor’s Appointments for Your Loved One With Dementia

Dementia makes a lot of changes to your loved one's brain, which means that she may react to seemingly normal situations in a different way than she ever has. This is especially true when your loved one is heading into potentially stressful situations such as a doctor's appointment, making it even more stressful. Here are a few tips to make doctor's appointments easier for your aging family member. 1. Look into Different Scheduling Options. If you already know when your loved one is ... Read more

Are You in Need of a Break as a Family Caregiver?

Many family caregivers don't like the idea of taking a break at all, but if you're not doing that, you are probably running into more than one of these issues. You're Sleep Deprived. Sleep is essential when you're a family caregiver, but it's also one of the first things that you're likely to give up when your schedule becomes crazy. Whether you're not able to get to sleep or you're too busy to sleep, that is getting you to a situation in which ... Read more

Looking for Activities for Aging Loved Ones? Try the Library

Even though you’ve done a fine job of lining up activities to keep your elderly loved one busy and fulfilled, there are always those days where there’s not much going on. In that case, it’s the perfect day to go to your community library. Today’s libraries are much more than shelves of books—they are a community center with lots of activities for all ages, especially seniors. Libraries across the country are focusing on providing services for elderly people that go way beyond ... Read more

Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the things that people may worry about as their parents grow older is the possibility of them having Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Some forgetfulness naturally occurs as people get older—you might call them “senior moments.” Your parent might forget the name of someone they recently met, but then remember it later. That kind of memory loss is generally nothing to worry about. However, if your parent’s memory lapses are affecting their life, it’s time to see a doctor and have ... Read more
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