Raised Bed Gardening for Seniors with a Green Thumb

Of course, age can force seniors to curtail some of their favorite activities, but gardening doesn’t have to be among them. While it may be difficult for them to garden in exactly the same way they have been doing for decades, with a few modifications, elderly gardeners can enjoy the joys of growing fruits, vegetables and flowers for years to come. The secret is to change a few key aspects about gardening to better suit an elderly person’s abilities. What is Raised ... Read more

What You Should Know About National Osteoporosis Month

May is National Osteoporosis Month. This is the ideal time for you as a family caregiver to learn more about this potentially life-changing condition so that you can help your loved one to reduce the risk that they will develop it, or give them the type of care that they need to handle it properly if it does arise as they age in place. Some things that you should know about osteoporosis include: Osteoporosis causes nearly 9 million fractures throughout the world ... Read more

How Can You Help an Elderly Loved One Who Is a Hoarder?

Having an elderly loved one who is a hoarder can be frustrating but also dangerous for your loved one. it can seriously hamper both her mobility and her safety at home, making this an issue you really need to address as her family caregiver. Assess Your Loved One's Willingness to Clean Up Some elderly loved ones who have collected a lot of objects are ready to thin that out a bit, but others are extremely connected to their hoarded items. Knowing which frame ... Read more

Tips to Help Dad Spring Clean his Yard

Having a yard that looks nice and is enjoyable to spend time in can help senior citizens want to spend more time outside. Spending time outside is important since it can help your dad remain more physically active and allows him to reap the benefits of fresh air and sunshine. Many people use the warmer days of spring to clean up the yard and get it ready for summer. If your dad is receiving senior care at home, he may be unable ... Read more

4 Essential First Steps as a New Family Caregiver

No matter how you become a caregiver, those first few steps in your new role in your loved one's life are going to be awkward and possibly frightening. The more that you can learn and the more tools you add to your toolkit, the better you'll be at caregiving. Understand Your Loved One's Health The very first situation you need to get a handle on is your loved one's health. You'll need to work closely with her medical team to determine what her ... Read more
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