Worried About Senior Eating Habits? Hire an Elder Care Aide

When seniors don’t eat adequate amounts of healthy food, they can become malnourished or dehydrated. When elderly adults are malnourished or dehydrated, their health can decline, and they may be more susceptible to illness and diseases. You must do everything you can to make sure your aging relative is eating properly. If that is a challenge for you to do, consider hiring an elder care assistant to lend a hand. Why Is It So Hard for Elderly Adults to Eat Properly? There are ... Read more

Is Your Senior At Increased Risk for Deep Vein Thrombosis?

Blood clots, also known as deep vein thrombosis, can be extremely dangerous for your elderly parent. These blood clots can lead to long-lasting effects such as pain and decreased mobility, and can even lead to death, particularly if they move to the lungs causing what is known as a pulmonary embolism. Protecting your aging parents from DVT is a critical step in guarding their health and well-being throughout their later years. As a family caregiver, the first step in doing this ... Read more

Here’s Why Your Mom and Dad Need Different Care Plans, Even When They Live Together

You're providing some of the care your parents need. To save time, you've created a one-size-fits-all plan to hopefully cover most of what they need. A single approach rarely works well. One party ends up missing out on some of the home care they require. Here's what you need to do. Look at the Strengths and Weaknesses of Both Parties. Activities of daily living are the things that you must do each day for your mental and physical well being. The common activities ... Read more

Can You Protect Your Parent From Shingles?

As a family caregiver, it is your responsibility not just to help your parents and manage the health challenges and complications that they are already dealing with, but also to take the proper steps to prevent further challenges as they age in place. This is particularly true when it comes to those illnesses that are a special risk for aging adults, and that can carry severe complications and consequences that can linger with them throughout the rest of their life, such ... Read more

What Factors Could Be Keeping Your Aging Adult from Eating as Well as She Should?

When your elderly family member isn't eating properly, she's not getting the nutrition that she needs in order to stay healthy. Figuring out what is causing her to eat poorly can help you fix the problem. Meals Are Too Large. As your aging adult's activity decreases, her appetite will also decrease. This might have the effect of your senior turning down meals entirely or eating so little that she's just not getting enough nutrients from what she is eating. Serving smaller, more frequent ... Read more
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