How Can You Make Decisions as a Caregiver if You’re Struggling with Self-respect?


Elderly Care in Glenview IL: How Can You Make Decisions as a Caregiver if You’re Struggling with Self-respect?

Whether it’s your elderly loved one giving you trouble over making decisions or you’re experiencing pressure from other sources, making decisions as a caregiver can be extremely trying. If your self-respect has taken a hit, the situation can be even more difficult.

Stop the Perfectionism

Many people freeze up when it comes to making a decision because they’re sure it won’t be the perfect one. The problem is that perfectionism ties your hands rather than freeing you. It can also paralyze you so that you can’t see all of the solutions available to you.

Let Past Decisions Lie in the Past

In the past, you might not have felt great about some of the decisions that you had to make for your loved one. Or possibly you felt rushed when making those decisions. Regardless, those decisions are in the past and you can’t do anything about them now. Clinging to them now keeps you from focusing on what you have to decide now. Do the best that you can with what you have available to make the best decision possible.

Build up Your Self-worth

Caregiving can beat you up emotionally so you need to find ways to bolster your self-worth. Revisit old hobbies and build your social support network. If you’re having a great deal of trouble, time with a counselor or a therapist can help quite a bit. You might also want to consider joining a support group for caregivers just like you.

Take the Time that You Need

You might feel rushed to make the right decision, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Take the time that you need to research the situation and to sort out what is truly best for your loved one. If you need to, consider also hiring elderly care providers or having other family members pitch in so that you can focus on the decision you need to make. Being prepared helps you to feel empowered about your decision and helps to build positive experiences for the future.

As you build your self-respect, you may just find that you have that much more confidence in your own ability to make decisions for your elderly loved one, especially the difficult ones.

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About the author: Jamie Shapiro
Jamie has a Masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of Chicago. She started her career in psychiatric social work at Northwestern University Institute of Psychiatry. Later she went on to be Director of Social Services at Belmont Community Hospital where she developed discharge planning procedures to assist staff in identifying potential patients requiring intervention. Jamie Shapiro is a Google Verified Author.