What Can You Do if Your Elderly Loved One Won’t Accept Outside Help?

It can be really frustrating for your elderly loved one to resist the idea of hiring senior care providers to help out. Figuring out how to work around that objection is important because in-home care providers are a solid tool for you to have in your toolbox. Respect that Outside Help Can Feel Intimidating to Your Loved One The idea of having outside help coming in can be an intimidating one to your elderly loved one. It can be a signal to her ... Read more

Arthritis Awareness Month

Senior Care in Lake Forest IL Feeling a bit of pain and stiffness, or having some "creaks" in their joints may seem like something that just comes along with aging. Your parent might even joke about being able to predict the weather with their stiff and achy joints. In the context of your senior care journey, however, it is important that you realize this pain and stiffness is not an inevitable part of aging and is not something that your parent just ... Read more

The Importance of Getting Enough Omega 3s in Your Senior Care Plan

Senior Care in Lake Forest IL Getting the nutrients that their bodies need on a daily basis is a critical part of making sure that your elderly loved ones stay healthy, strong, and functional, and that they are able to live the highest quality of life possible. Making sure they get what they need, however, means understanding the nutrients, how they function within the body, and what foods have them in the highest concentrations so you can create a healthy, beneficial diet. One ... Read more

Find a Community Garden for the Senior Who Needs Care

Senior Care in Lake Forest IL Throughout the United States, there are more and more community gardens being developed that provide an opportunity for people to rent space in a larger area for their own individual, independently maintained garden. Most of these community gardens are completely voluntary and are only provided the space by property owners who are not using them for any other purpose. How to find a community garden. There are several ways to research and determine whether there are any community ... Read more