Is Your Aging Adult Turning Down Help from Senior Care Providers?

It's definitely irritating to work so hard to line up elderly care providers only to have your senior refuse help from them. This is especially true when your elderly family member needs a good bit of help. Here are some ways to cope and hopefully convince your senior to give helpers a chance. Give Examples of How the Senior Care Providers Can Help. Sometimes knowing what the elder care providers are there to do can help your aging adult to rest easier with ... Read more

Tips for Making Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Fun and Safe for Your Elderly Loved One

Senior Care in Evanston IL The holidays are just around the corner, which means that many people are thinking about last-minute shopping. Whether you have done most of your shopping and just need a few more things, or have not even gotten started yet, getting out to handle shopping in the last weeks and days leading up to the holiday can be a fun and exciting way to spend time with your elderly parent. It can also be challenging and stressful, however, ... Read more

Understanding the Different Types of Bipolar Disorder

Senior Care in Evanston IL Each year on March 30 the healthcare community comes together to recognize, raise awareness of, and offer support to those dealing with bipolar disorder. This mental illness can make a tremendous impact on the person suffering from it as well as his family and friends. If you are on a senior care journey with an elderly parent who may be facing bipolar disorder, it is important that you understand that this is not a condition that has ... Read more

Tips for Creating a Safe Bathroom for Senior Care

Senior Care in Evanston IL There are a number of considerations to take when redesigning a bathroom so it is safer for seniors.  The functionality of the bathroom needs to be taken into consideration, in addition to its safety, during the redesign phase. This means looking at how accessible the shower is from the toilet, is the storage easy to reach, is the flooring constructed of a non-slip surface, and do railings need to be installed? The need to consult professionals who ... Read more