What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Does your aging relative seem down in the winter months? If so, they may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD, as the name suggests, is a disorder that begins and ends at approximately the same time each year. For most people, SAD starts in the fall and goes into the winter. However, it is possible for people to have SAD during other times of the year. Understanding the disorder may help you to recognize it in your loved one, ... Read more

Stimulating Your Parent’s Mind During National Bird Feeding Month

Senior Care in Des Plaines IL February is National Bird Feeding Month. This is a fantastic opportunity to encourage your elderly parent to use this type of activity as a fun and entertaining way to stimulate their mind throughout their later years. Feeding the birds gives your senior a chance to learn more about the types of birds that live throughout their area and to stimulate their mind through creating feed for the birds. Remembering to bring this feed to them regularly ... Read more

5 Great New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

Senior Care in Des Plaines IL Most people look forward to the New Year because it is a fresh start for them to reach new goals. While most New Year’s resolutions are made with all the best intentions, when the goals are unrealistic, they are often broken by springtime. This doesn’t mean resolutions shouldn’t be made. Five of the best resolutions for seniors to make can be found here. 1.  Eat healthy What we eat has a direct correlation to our health.  Too much ... Read more

Senior Care Recipes: Coconut Cake

Senior Care in Des Plaines IL There's nothing like a sweet treat to end a day of your senior care plan. Creating something delicious to enjoy together is a wonderful way to connect with your aging loved ones, encourage mental stimulation and critical thinking, and build lasting, meaningful memories. A traditional coconut cake is a fantastic way to continue enjoying some of the favorite flavors of summer with a heartier dessert you can even carry through the fall and into the holidays. ... Read more