What Can You Do When You Have to Say “No” to Caregiving?

It's a heartbreaking reality, but there are some aspects of caregiving that you may not be able to handle for your loved one. There are a million reasons that this could be the case, but it's important to handle the situation properly. Be Honest with Yourself All too often family caregivers believe that if there's something that has to be done for their loved one, then they have to do it. But what if that task or requirement is outside of your skill ... Read more

How to Get a Handle on Caregiver Stress Before it Takes Over Completely

Home Care in Wilmette IL When you're a family caregiver, the fact is that you're likely to experience some degree of caregiver stress. Learning how to handle it makes a huge difference. Find Respite Help as Quickly as Possible As soon as you realize that you're dealing with caregiver stress, figure out how to get respite care for you and your elderly loved one. You might be able to call in other family members or you might need to hire home care providers. You ... Read more

3 Interesting Outdoor Activities to Do with Home Care that Don’t Require Transportation

Home Care in Wilmette IL Giving up the right to drive may be something that aging seniors worry about more than anything else as they get older and begin to lose their physical strength or other capabilities. No one really wants to think about the prospect of losing their driver’s license, especially if they’ve been able to drive and take care of themselves for decades. When elderly individuals realize they are no longer safe behind the wheel, it’s best to voluntarily give up ... Read more