Could Your Elderly Parent be Suffering from Malnutrition?

Awareness and education are two of the most important tools that you can use as a family caregiver to ensure that you are giving your elderly parent the highest quality care possible and helping them to live the quality of life that they deserve. By being aware of the risks that they might face and recognizing them, you can make meaningful changes to your care routine to address those risks and protect your parent from the potential consequences of them. September 18 ... Read more

Winter is Still ‘Swingin’, so Stay Prepared when Providing Home Care

Buffalo Grove, IL  - Providing Home Care in the Winter We may be moving into March, but winter is still swinging hard across much of the country. For people who rely on home care and their caregivers, it’s important to remain vigilant with regard to various weather conditions. Spring doesn’t arrive until March 20th, and while the average temperatures should begin climbing, that’s not always the case. Much of the northern portion of the country, especially the northern Plains and the Northeast, have ... Read more

Learn How A Child May be Affected if Mom is playing the role of a Caregiver to her parents.

Home Care near Glenview, IL – Are You Feeling the Pinch of The Sandwich Generation? Do you belong to the sandwich generation? Are you a person who is taking care of your elderly parents and also raising your children at the same time? Do you find it a big struggle to take care of your older parents and to parent your kids? Well, this article will help you learn the task of managing both your elderly parents and your children. How Children Are ... Read more