How Can the Elderly Benefit from Massage?

Aches, pains, stress, and illness are all things that seniors often encounter as they age. While traditional medicine can help with many of these problems, there are other options available that can further improve quality of life for older adults. One of those things is massage therapy. Massage is Different for the Elderly If you picture a comedic scene from a movie in which a massage therapist delivers a nearly brutal massage, you’re probably not alone. However, massage therapists who are trained to ... Read more

Skin Care Tips to Help Protect Your Aging Parent from Skin Infections

Elderly Care in Skokie IL October is National Skin Care Awareness Month. This is the ideal time for you to ensure that your skin care efforts are tailored to helping your parent stay as comfortable and healthy as possible as they age in place. While many people may think of skin care as just being about the skin being clean and looking good, this is not the case. Instead, maintaining an effective skin care routine for your elderly parent can help them ... Read more

Caring for an Elderly Loved One who is Underweight

Elderly Care in Skokie IL It is not uncommon for adults who are 65 and older to become underweight and undernourished.  Factors such as chronic medical conditions, taking certain medications, depression, and difficulty chewing or swallowing can all lessen an elderly adult’s appetite causing them to become underweight and lacking in nutrition.  Unfortunately, being underweight can have health consequences for elderly adults.  When elderly adults do not get adequate nourishment it can lead to muscle loss, infection, and it can make it ... Read more