Raw Water – It’s a New Trend That Could Make Your Mom Sick

A California start-up has been trending in the media recently. The company sells “raw water.” Essentially, they're selling spring water that has not been treated or filtered in any way. They claim the water is as healthy as you can get because it is free of pollution or chemicals. They sell the raw water for a lot of money, but they also recommend that others go out and find a spring and collect and drink pure, untreated spring and mountain stream ... Read more

How Can You Help an Elderly Loved One Who Is a Hoarder?

Having an elderly loved one who is a hoarder can be frustrating but also dangerous for your loved one. it can seriously hamper both her mobility and her safety at home, making this an issue you really need to address as her family caregiver. Assess Your Loved One's Willingness to Clean Up Some elderly loved ones who have collected a lot of objects are ready to thin that out a bit, but others are extremely connected to their hoarded items. Knowing which frame ... Read more

Helping Elderly Loved Ones with Arthritis

Elderly Care in Deerfield IL There are many different forms of arthritis, and unfortunately, elderly loved ones can be plagued by more than one type of it at a time. The condition affects all joints in the body, and it's one of the most common diseases that adults can develop. Whether your elderly loved one is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or another form altogether, there are some things that you can try that might help. Exercise Can Actually Help Because the pain of ... Read more