Four Challenges Family Caregivers Experience When Alzheimer’s Advances

You think you know what Alzheimer's entails. Your mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's years ago, and the progression has been steady. There are challenges you face that may not be something that comes to mind until it happens. Here are four of the symptoms family caregivers often face when Alzheimer's progresses. Aphasia. Difficulties with speech may be one of the first and more noticeable symptoms. As the disease progresses, your parent may struggle to complete sentences. It becomes hard to follow a conversation ... Read more

What Are Hospital Readmission Rates and How Can You Help Dad Avoid Them?

Elder Care in Skokie IL Few people have ever been exposed to the term ‘hospital readmission rate.’ That’s not a big deal, but is it really all that important? Yes, it can be. In fact, if a person has heard about hospital readmissions but doesn’t do anything to improve the chances they make a full and healthy recovery, they could become another statistic. The federal government has been placing more and more pressure on hospitals across the country to reduce their readmission rates. ... Read more

Elder Care and Diabetes: Diabetes-Friendly Food for Your Elderly Loved One

Elder Care in Skokie IL When it comes to elder care and diabetes, it is important to ensure that your loved one’s diet is appropriate. One way to accomplish this is by implementing a diabetes diet, which according to the Mayo Clinic’s definition, is a healthy-eating plan that will help your loved one control his or her blood sugar. Your home care provider can help to prepare a healthy-eating plan that is rich in natural nutrients and low in fat and calories. A ... Read more

Singing a Song for Elder Care Can Offer Lasting Benefits

Elder Care in Skokie IL Most people will admit they enjoy singing (mostly in the privacy of their own home). Singing along to favorite songs, whether they are oldies, hymns, modern music that’s on the radio today, or anything else is a great way for people to express their joy, sadness, concerns, and more. Music has a powerful ability to connect people with one another. For somebody who relies on (or requires but hasn’t yet hired anyone) elder care, encouraging them to sing ... Read more