Are Your Other Relationships Suffering?

When you're a caregiver, sometimes you feel as if your life is not your own. But it is and if your other relationships are suffering, they need your attention. Being a Caregiver Is Important, but so Are You. Often caregivers feel as if caregiving has to become the one focus of their life. This just isn't true. Becoming a caregiver means that you have some different responsibilities, but it doesn't make you magically no longer need a social life. You are just as ... Read more

Ways to Ease the Pressure of Working and Being a Caregiver

Being a family caregiver and having a career are both possible, but it could mean that you're feeling even more pressure. Here are some things you can do in order to maintain your career and keep being an effective family caregiver. Talk to Your Employer. Many people don't realize that there are a lot of employer-sponsored resources available for caregivers. Talk to your employer about what is going on and find out what sorts of resources they can offer to you. Even if ... Read more

Is Your Aging Adult Turning Down Help from Senior Care Providers?

It's definitely irritating to work so hard to line up elderly care providers only to have your senior refuse help from them. This is especially true when your elderly family member needs a good bit of help. Here are some ways to cope and hopefully convince your senior to give helpers a chance. Give Examples of How the Senior Care Providers Can Help. Sometimes knowing what the elder care providers are there to do can help your aging adult to rest easier with ... Read more

Where Can You Turn as a Caregiver When You Need Emotional Support?

Finding the emotional support that you need as a family caregiver is sometimes more difficult than you might expect. Even as common as caregiving is now, caregivers often feel alone and isolated as they try their best to help their aging adults manage their health and other issues. Here are a few resources you can consider turning to for emotional support. Friends and Family. Your friends and other family members are an excellent source of emotional support for you. They may have their ... Read more

Are You in Need of a Break as a Family Caregiver?

Many family caregivers don't like the idea of taking a break at all, but if you're not doing that, you are probably running into more than one of these issues. You're Sleep Deprived. Sleep is essential when you're a family caregiver, but it's also one of the first things that you're likely to give up when your schedule becomes crazy. Whether you're not able to get to sleep or you're too busy to sleep, that is getting you to a situation in which ... Read more
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