Are Your Other Relationships Suffering?

When you're a caregiver, sometimes you feel as if your life is not your own. But it is and if your other relationships are suffering, they need your attention. Being a Caregiver Is Important, but so Are You. Often caregivers feel as if caregiving has to become the one focus of their life. This just isn't true. Becoming a caregiver means that you have some different responsibilities, but it doesn't make you magically no longer need a social life. You are just as ... Read more

Tips for Communicating with a Parent with Dementia

Your loved one may be at various stages in their journey through aging and dementia. You may have noticed their increasing irritability, loss of memory or restlessness. Everyone is affected differently. It’s important to remember that your parent is not their personality; they are being affected by a disease that is destroying brain cells and tissue, resulting in their changing personality. Learning how to communicate with your loved one that is facing this disease helps both of you maintain a loving ... Read more

Top Tips for Being an Effective Sandwich Generation Family Caregiver

Caregiver in Glenview IL Research shows that an astounding number of adults throughout the United States is living in the so-called sandwich generation. This is the people who are raising a child and have a parent who is aged 64 or older who they care for in some way. In fact, 47 percent of middle-aged adults fall into this category, while 15 percent of adults in their 40s and 50s are providing consistent financial support both to a child and an elderly ... Read more