Looking for Activities for Aging Loved Ones? Try the Library

Even though you’ve done a fine job of lining up activities to keep your elderly loved one busy and fulfilled, there are always those days where there’s not much going on. In that case, it’s the perfect day to go to your community library. Today’s libraries are much more than shelves of books—they are a community center with lots of activities for all ages, especially seniors. Libraries across the country are focusing on providing services for elderly people that go way beyond ... Read more

Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the things that people may worry about as their parents grow older is the possibility of them having Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Some forgetfulness naturally occurs as people get older—you might call them “senior moments.” Your parent might forget the name of someone they recently met, but then remember it later. That kind of memory loss is generally nothing to worry about. However, if your parent’s memory lapses are affecting their life, it’s time to see a doctor and have ... Read more

What is Osteoarthritis?

27 million Americans in the United States have osteoarthritis (OA), making it the most common form of arthritis. Although OA can occur at any age, people aged 65 and older have a higher chance of being diagnosed with OA. It’s a painful condition and can be difficult for seniors to live with since it can prevent them from doing some of their normal activities. If your parent complains of joint pain, they may be suffering from OA. Being informed about the ... Read more

Helping Seniors Living with Chronic Pain

Senior citizens are more likely to suffer pain than younger people because of medical conditions or changes due to aging. In fact, up to 50 percent of seniors who live at home and 75 to 85 percent of seniors in long-term care facilities experience chronic pain. Even with so many seniors suffering, chronic pain is largely under treated in older adults. If your parent is one of the many seniors who is living with chronic pain, be sure to talk to ... Read more

Signs that Your Senior Might be Coping with Hearing Loss

More than 37 million people throughout the United States, or around 15 percent of the population, are currently suffering from some degree of hearing loss. Nearly 29 million would benefit from the use of a hearing aid. Being older is the leading risk factor for hearing loss, with the majority of cases of hearing loss existing in those over the age of 64. In fact, in older adults between the ages of 64 and 74, approximately 25 percent are living with ... Read more
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