Is Your Aging Adult Turning Down Help from Senior Care Providers?

It's definitely irritating to work so hard to line up elderly care providers only to have your senior refuse help from them. This is especially true when your elderly family member needs a good bit of help. Here are some ways to cope and hopefully convince your senior to give helpers a chance. Give Examples of How the Senior Care Providers Can Help. Sometimes knowing what the elder care providers are there to do can help your aging adult to rest easier with ... Read more

Preparing Your Mom’s Car for Winter Weather

Your mom still drives. Have you had her car winterized? Now's the time to get her car ready for winter driving. Here are the things you should focus on. Have the Battery Tested. Check the battery and its terminals. You don't want it to drain on a bitterly cold night and have your mom unable to start her car. See if the battery is holding a charge. If not, replace it. Get a Mechanic to Check All Belts and Hoses. Over time, belts and hoses ... Read more

Where Can You Turn as a Caregiver When You Need Emotional Support?

Finding the emotional support that you need as a family caregiver is sometimes more difficult than you might expect. Even as common as caregiving is now, caregivers often feel alone and isolated as they try their best to help their aging adults manage their health and other issues. Here are a few resources you can consider turning to for emotional support. Friends and Family. Your friends and other family members are an excellent source of emotional support for you. They may have their ... Read more

Encouraging Independence with Daily Care Needs During the Middle Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease

Independence is an important concept for everyone, and that does not change for those who are living with Alzheimer's disease. In fact, those seniors who are suffering the effects of this disease often cling to their independence even more and seek as many ways as they can to express themselves and their autonomy. This is because they know that they are dealing with challenges and limitations and want to find as many ways as possible to feel that they are still ... Read more

What Do You Need to Know When Your Aging Adult Is Coming Home from the Hospital?

It's a wonderful thing to know that your senior is ready to come home from the hospital, but there are risks, too. If you're not sure what to expect from this experience, you may need to do some research before your senior is actually discharged. The more that you know ahead of time, the better for both of you. Watch for the Danger Signs. Before your senior's doctor discharges her, there is likely to be a long conversation about what signs mean that ... Read more
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